In addition to the work of our 7 thematic “pods,” the Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center supports additional programming on UCLA’s campus  to further support our mission and our community.

  • Small Grants for Student Groups

    Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center provides seed funding and support to student, staff, and faculty groups that provide programming across campus. You can check out some of the student groups we have funded here and learn more about our student grant program on our “participate” page for students.

  • Diabetes Prevention Program

    Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center,  in collaboration with FITWELL, offers the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) for students, faculty, staff, and UCLA Health System patients. UCLA DPP follows the guidelines for National Diabetes Prevention Programs, using a CDC-approved curriculum, trained lifestyle coaches, and group support over the course of a year.

  • Campus Gardens

    • UCLA Dining now has Tower Gardens on Sproul Landing Sun Deck. The gardens features 50 aeroponic grow towers, which will provide herbs and greens to Bruin Plate. The modular, stackable growing structures accommodate 44 plants per tower, allowing us to grow 2,200 plants simultaneously! The towers use 90% less land and 95% less water than conventional farming methods.
    • The new jane b semel HCI Community Garden, located at the top of the amphitheater at Sunset Canyon Recreation Center, has come to life! The garden provides an on-campus space for the UCLA community to grow healthy food and foster education of urban gardening practices. In partnership with the Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center, envisioned and supported by Jane and Terry Semel, the initiation of this garden is intended to promote community building and address food insecurity on campus. Learn more about the garden and how to join.
      • Now offering a Urban Gardening Certificate Program! Email more for more information.
    • Get connected with Dig: Campus Garden Coalition, the student-led collaboration behind the expanding food growing and gardening program on UCLA’s campus that works to educate, engage, and empower the UCLA community through growing our own and bringing people into close proximity with food and medicinal gardens.
    • UCLA’s campus houses two medicinal herb gardens, supported by Jane and Terry Semel and the Lowenstein Foundation. Here are comprehensive catalogs of our medicinal plants by location with their names, traditional medicinal uses and parts of the plants used:
    • Watch a video about the Herb Garden at the Center for Health Sciences
    • Read about our medicinal herb gardens in the news: Hospital’s garden educates using herbal ‘medicine cabinet’
    • Browse campus gardens across the University of California in this beautiful database of student gardens created by former student Ian Davies.
  • Curriculum

    Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center supports the creation of new, innovative, and interdisciplinary courses, minor, and certificates on campus.  Take a class or apply for the Food Studies Minor and Graduate Certificate Program.

    • Undergraduate students can apply for the Food Studies Minor.
    • Graduate students can apply for the Food Studies Certificate Program.
    • Take the undergraduate “Life Skills for College Students” course.
      • Multidisciplinary exploration of student development in undergraduate experience, with focus on processes of identity formation and emotional and social development. Emphasis on variability associated with gender, race, ethnicity, culture, and sexual orientation. Testing of real-life relevance of theory and research. Instrutor: D’Artagnan Scorza; Winter 2018; Thursdays, 3pm-5:50pm
  • Graduate Student Resource Center

    Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center supports a Graduate Student Researcher for the Graduate Student Resource Center.  They frequently collaborate on programming for graduate students with our pods.